CA Primary 2016 -Crossover Ballot

Because there was some confusion at my polling place this morning, I think it is important to get this image and this information out to as many people as possible, so I am hoping this post will be shared widely and quickly.  I don’t think we are very widely read, so I don’t know, but here’s hoping!

As you may or may not know, today is the big day in California ~ Primaries!  Oh, boy!  If, like me, you decline party affiliation and are a registered Nonpartisan Voter, you don’t usually get to vote in Primaries.  This year, you can request a crossover ballot if you would like to be allowed to vote in the American Independent, Democratic or Libertarian Primary (you have to pick just one, not all three).  That’s pretty cool, right?  Even though we are not registered with their party, they are willing to let us have our say, if we feel strongly about one of their candidates.  Mighty sporting of them, I’d say.

Here’s the thing:  When I requested my crossover ballot, they tried to give me a ballot for the party I requested.  I mean, just the regular ballot for that party.  That’s not what I needed.  I explained my situation again.  I am a registered Nonpartisan voter requesting a crossover ballot to vote in another party’s Primary.  I was told I would have to vote provisionally.  That is also not correct.  I explained once more.  This time, I was told I would have to re-register, with my chosen party.  This is also, as you might have guessed, not correct.

There are, in fact, three distinct ballots specifically for the purpose of crossover voting by Nonpartisan voters, just like me.  They look like this:


If you are a Nonpartisan Voter in the State of California voting today in the American Independent, Democratic or Libertarian Primary, and you are handed a ballot that does not look exactly like one of these, please go back and get the correct ballot.  You should then take your ballot to the booth clearly marked for the party’s primary in which you are voting.  There might be some things on the ballot in which you cannot, as a Nonpartisan Voter, participate.  That’s okay.  Just pay attention, read the directions in your booklet, and follow them carefully.

When you finish voting, DO NOT PUT YOUR BALLOT IN AN ENVELOPE.  You are not voting provisionally or mailing in your vote.  No envelope.

Bottom line:  If you are a Nonpartisan Voter in the State of California Voting in the American Independent, Democratic or Libertarian Primary today:

Use one of the above ballots
Do not re-register and join a party (unless you want to)
Do not vote provisionally
Do not place your ballot in an envelope.

As always, most importantly, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!