Just one box ~ by Sam

Are you tired of boxes yet?

I’m sorry.  I never get tired of them.  It might be a problem.

Well, I am still cleaning and organizing ~ I know, I know, super exciting! ~ and I happened to come across this box I just had to show everyone.  Recently, I bought a new pair of sneakers.  Am I the only one who still calls them sneakers?  Well, I bought them, Inkkas, which I was lucky enough to find on sale for $30.  They’re white, wtih silver stars, and very comfortable for walking, which is what I needed.  They came in this box:IMG_7794

Wow.  Scintillating, I know.  I often save a shoe box, or two, just in case the kids have a project to do that involves a shoe box.  I know, I know, my kids are in high school and college, but two of them actually needed shoe boxes just last school year.  It’s not as crazy as it sounds.  So, I opened this box to take out the paper and this is what I found:IMG_7796.JPG
Hmmm…intriguing… Upon further investigation, I discovered that the entire box could be very easily disassembled, turned over and reassembled.  Like this:
Here’s how it looks reassembled, from several angles:IMG_7798
Not bad-looking, right?  (Elvis says, “Thank ya…thank ya verra much.”)

It happens to be exactly what I needed for this shelf in our bedroom, and too nice to turn into a box project, anyway. IMG_7802 So, thanks to Inkkas for the great sale, which is the only way I could possibly have afforded to buy the comfy shoes, and the great reusable box with the striking, attractive graphic.  If you get your own pair of Inkkas (did I mention that they’re comfy?  Definitely worth keeping an eye out for sales, in my opinion), maybe you can find other ways to repurpose your box.  I think it would make a cute gift box.  You could get creative and add colour, cover the top (perhaps with fabric or paper).  I might cover the lid of mine later.  For now, I think it looks kind of cute up there as is.

What a nice little surprise this was, and an easy way to reuse something instead of just throwing it into the recycling bin.

I promise I will write about something other than boxes soon.

Free Dresses, Dancing, and the Little Black Cast ~ by Sam

It’s been an interesting week.  Spent the first part of it trying to make sure Justice was (finally) enrolled in all of the classes she needs in order to graduate high school and get in to the college of her choice.  Cannot believe we have reached this stage of her life.  Seems like only yesterday she was lacing up her tiny, shiny red boots and yelling, “Tum on!  Let’s Det Doin’!” (“Come on!  Let’s Get Goin’!” for those who struggled with the translation.)  The college mail keeps arriving at the door, so it must be true.  Her future is bright, and, as much as we miss that tiny, spunky little girl, we are incredibly proud of the young woman she is becoming.

Hallie started rehearsals for her latest play this week, Into the Woods, in which she will play the Stepmother; and Kaia spent the night at the mall with her Girl Scout troop.  She has just bridged from “Junior” to “Cadet” Girl Scout, which is pretty awesome.

On Friday, I went in to the podiatrist for a check up on the foot I injured some time ago.  After 1 week in an orthopedic shoe, followed by 4 weeks in a cam boot, I had made no progress whatsoever, so the doctor decided to go ahead and put me in a cast.  After another 4 weeks, we will remove the cast and see how I am progressing.  I chose the elegant black cast, so I can attend my many soirees.  I jest.  There are no soirees; but I hear the black cast looks cool if you have people sign it with metallic markers.  Besides, they were out of the light blue I most wanted.

I’ve injured a tendon, and it’s tough to know how long it will take to heal, since poor circulation to my extremities due to Raynaud’s disease will slow my healing.  I have fashioned myself a few small toe cozies from socks, to keep the toes toasty warm, and, hopefully, speed along the process somewhat.  I am bored out of my skull, not being able to go for long walks or do all of the running around I usually do, but I am spending a lot of time practicing my banjo, looking for a few good books to read, and planning to take up my knitting again, so it’s not all bad.  I’m determined not to let it get me down, and to try to keep myself upbeat and active…at least in my upper body and my mind.  My foot’s a little sad, I think, and sort of claustrophobic.  However, it seems to feel much better in the cast than it did in the boot, which had two thick straps right across the injured area.

Later that day, I happened to pass the Gap, which was having a 30% off your entire purchase event.  I’ve been walking around for months with this $40 reward coupon I got from them for some reason, so I decided to go in and see if I could find anything I liked.  The young man there was super helpful in trying to find me some jeans that might fit over the cast, but, after 4 or 5 pairs, we were forced to give up the ghost.  I did, however, find two cute dresses in the clearance section, and, with the additional 30% off and my reward coupon, they were essentially free (I think I paid a couple of bucks , just due to tax).

Here is a picture of me in one of those dresses, at our daughter’s annual school picnic yesterday, dancing on one foot, to get a coupon for a free pretzel.  Y’all know how much I like free stuff.


Shane won a $25 Macy’s gift card at the picnic, too, which was a nice surprise.

Oh, and here is a picture of my foot, propped up on a pillow, where it ought to be for the first couple of days in the cast. CastFootPillow

On the up side, I am spending so much time sitting around practicing banjo that I should be a veritable virtuoso in, oh, I don’t know, five or six years.  🙂  But, hey, at least it is starting to sound like music!