New Custom Earmold ~ by Sam

Don’t worry, “earmold” is not some kind of frightening new ear infection.  It’s actually an earpiece for my hearing aid that has been custom molded to fit perfectly in my ear canal.  The earpiece that came with my hearing aid was small, soft,and probably a little bit more comfortable, but it kept slipping out of place, which sort of defeats the purpose of the hearing aid altogether.  If the receiver is not actually in my ear canal, it’s not going to help me hear.  So, my audiologist squirted some stuff in my ear to take an impression that he then sent off to be used to make a new earpiece that is custom molded, just for me.  This should mean it stays in place, and I get to hear everything, all the time.  Isn’t technology exciting?

I picked up the new earpiece today, and I am still getting used to it.  At the moment, I am very aware that there is something in my ear, just as I was for the first week or so with the original earpiece.  I will say, in the first hour or so since I got it, it has not slipped one bit.  It is a little less unobtrusive than the original, which sat fully inside my ear canal.  This one is a hard piece of molded…hmmm…plastic, I suppose.  It is clear, but there is a tiny little bar that sticks straight out, which I use to remove the hearing aid.  So, it looks like my ear has its very own tiny clear plastic antenna.  I feel like a character from Star Trek.  Which is okay, really.

While I was elated with the hearing aid in general, having to readjust it all day was getting a little tiresome.  Hopefully, this will improve my hearing aid experience.  So far, so good.


Oh, and it occurred to me that you might be wondering why my hearing aid constitutes a “Low Life” post.  Obviously, a hearing aid is not cheap.  To me, however, it is seeming like it might be an investment worth making.  I am still in the trial period, and that’s what I need to decide: Is the benefit I get from using the hearing aid equal to or greater than my investment?  So far, it is seeming like the benefit might be priceless.  I can hear my kids.  Music, movies and television programs sound fuller and richer, I can tell from which direction sounds are coming.  The cost is not cheap, as I said, but we can make monthly payments; and, if we manage to pay it off in the first year (it is financed for 2 years), we will not be charged any interest whatsoever.  So, it is a financial decision, and a big one, at that.  I’ll keep you posted on the trial, the decision we make, and whether or not we are able to pay it off in the first year, if I do decide to keep it.

Also, it’s part of our lives, which is why we keep this blog.  It’s all about our lives together, as a family, and how we live.

Thanks for coming along for the ride 🙂


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