It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! ~ by Sam

Since the day after Thanksgiving, we have been busy decking our halls.  Not terribly busy.  That is to say I have not been terribly busy.  Shane put up the lights out front, and that took him a couple of days to complete.  He has also been working on another household project that, while not exclusively Christmas-related, will figure in to our holiday decor.  Yes, I will leave you in suspense on that one.  I hung a garland over a doorway, and helped Kaia set up the creche.  I might have stuck another decoration or two to a wall.  I want to do more, but we have had sick kids, rehearsals, many, many classes and so much other stuff going on that it has just not happened.  Oh, and I need to clean the house before I do too much decorating.  No amount of tinsel can really dress up a mess.  There are a few projects I have been wanting to undertake.  Last Thanksgiving, I made a table runner and coordinating napkins, and I wanted to do something similar for Christmastime.  I also wanted to make some kind of throw or cover for the sofa in the parlour that was more festive and Holiday-themed than the plain grey cover we currently have.  I like having a removable cover, because we have cats, and it having something we can take off and throw in the washing machine makes keeping the furry mess to a minimum fairly easy.

So, today, I headed to the fabric store.  I found the perfect fabric for the table runner and napkins.  It literally had my name written all over it.  Those who know me will understand.  But more about that later.  I ended up making another purchase I had not exactly intended.  Instead of getting fabric to make a throw for the parlour sofa, I bought one of those no-sew polar fleece throw kits.  Now, I knew the “kit” contained just two pieces of fabric and instructions.  I know that I could figure out the instructions on my own, and just buy some fabric.  However, thanks to a sale at JoAnn, I couldn’t have bought the fabric for less than the kit ~ and I didn’t find a fabric on the bolt that I like as much as the one that came in the kit, so I figured, “Why not?”

I brought the thing home, opened it, and set to work.  Now, I have rather a short attention span, so I broke the work up by doing other things, like picking up kids from school, folding laundry and making dinner.  Yes, it’s a party up in here.  Anyway, this is a super simple project.  You just lay out your two pieces of fabric, wrong sides together, cut a 5-inch square out of each corner, and then, about 1-inch apart, all the way around the edge of your fabric, you make straight cuts about 5 inches long through both layers of fabric.  Your whole big rectangle of fabric should be edged with little strips when you are done cutting.  All you have to do now is knot the fringe.   You pick up one pair of strips (one from the top, and one from the bottom), and you tie them in a knot.  Repeat this about a gazillion times, and you have an adorable fringed throw.

So, hours and hours of cutting and knotting later, we are almost done.  Yes, I had to enlist the girls’ help, because there were just so many strips.  And I take a lot of breaks.  Like more breaks than work, really.  In the end, I learned something.  You know what’s easier than making a no-sew polar fleece throw?  SEWING.  Seriously.  This is a lot of work!  I’m kidding.  Sorta.  I mean, it’s not HARD work, but it is time consuming, especially is you take frequent breaks.  In the end, however, we will have a positively adorable throw for our sofa.  In the meantime, George has decided that it is a new, luxuriously enormous kitty bed.  We will finish it in the morning…or the afternoon…or sometimes before Christmas, anyway.

(in case you can’t tell: the large dark blob on the city is George)



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