Deals, deals and more deals!

Photo on 8-13-14 at 9.55 AM

Above (assuming I did this correctly), you will see my brand new 99-cent reading glasses.  Yesterday, my eye doctor informed me that I need stronger reading glasses.  He suggested I just pick up a cheap pair at the drugstore.  A cheap pair at the drugstore costs $12-20, on average, and y’all know I am cheaper than that.  

Actually, the real story is this:  I checked 3 drugstores and didn’t find any I liked enough to buy.  Then, I dashed in to 99-cents only, and, lo and behold, was greeted with a rack full of reading glasses!  At that price, I told myself, I didn’t even care if I liked them!  

I was wrong.  I cared.  Luckily for me, I found this one cute pair.  I was tempted to buy an extra pair or two, but I really do care.  I am going to hold out for another pair I actually like.  

Now, after I took this picture, it occurred to me that I had two other super-cheap finds on or about my person at that very moment, so here’s another shot:
Photo on 8-13-14 at 9.57 AM

In this picture, please note my very favourite mug, which was also a 99-cents only stores purchase, some years ago.  In addition, you can catch just a glimpse of my 39-cent dress.  Yes, I said 39-cents (really wish I could figure out how to type a danged “cents” symbol!).  I purchased this super-cute knit dress at the Gap some weeks ago.  It was on clearance, and then there was an extra percentage off, and then I got a further discount for using my Gap card…by the time I was finished, the dress had been reduced to $10.89 and I received a $10.50 discount.  We were really there to pick up a few things for Justice, but I thought, at $10.89, the dress was kind of a steal, and I could use it as a pattern for more dresses.  Well, I have to say, at $0.39, it was even more of a steal.  I expected someone to stop me on the way out and confiscate it, but they didn’t, and now it is mine.