Mr. & Mrs. Fix-It ~ by Sam

Recently, I noticed that the top shelf of the refrigerator was just flooded with water.  I removed everything from the shelf to wipe up what I thought was a spill.  The problem was there just wasn’t anything overturned on the shelf that could have spilled and flooded it with water.  So, I kept an eye on the fridge for a few days.  Sure enough, it filled up with water again.  At that point, I decided we must have a leak, and decided to try to figure out where it originated.  The best answer I could make out was that water was dripping from the ceiling of the fridge, just behind the light.  Weird.

Thank goodness for the internet!  Now, those of you who know me know that I am a bit of a technophobe, so, if I am singing the praises of the internet, I must have found a lot of answers there.  I did.  It seemed, based on my reading, that the drain line from the freezer was most likely clogged with ice, causing our wet, messy fridge leak.  Armed with that knowledge, I did a bunch of reading online. and watched a few videos.  I wasn’t lucky enough to find anything about my specific model of refrigerator, but I did find a video tutorial demonstrating how to clear a clog from the drain of a Kenmore refrigerator/freezer, which is at least the right make.   Hoping it was close enough, I told Shane that I knew what we needed to do.  He trusted me, which was kind of scary, but I decided to roll with it.  

First, we removed everything from the refrigerator and freezer, then Shane moved it out and unplugged it.  Next, we removed the shelf from the freezer, then Shane removed the two screws holding the back panel i place.  He had to disconnect a couple of wires and remove a lightbulb, lightbulb housing and the clear shield that goes over the lightbulb in order to pull out the panel so we could access the drain.  We removed all of the ice we saw on the surface of the freezer, then, using a turkey baster, I forced hot water through the drain until it ran clear.  

At that point, since the fridge was taken apart and everything was out of it, I decided to give a really good cleaning.  For dinner, I told the kids they could have anything that was thawing.  (We put everything on ice, but we kind of ran out of room in the cooler…and the sink.)  

Now, I haven’t given complete directions here, nor have I linked to videos.  I am sure you know how to do a Google search.  You might be able to find info about your specific fridge model, which could be even more helpful.  Mostly, I just came here to say, I’m proud of us.  We did it.  I think.  I mean, unless we wake up tomorrow, and the fridge is filled with water again.  Added bonuses include:
the fridge is SUPER clean.
I found all sorts of frozen stuff I forgot we had
I got rid of a bunch of stuff that was outdated or that we would never use
we have a LOT of ice, so I am going to make piña coladas now


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