T-shirt to Dress Re-Fashion – by Sam

A few days ago, I saw a tutorial online for a cute maxi-dress made out of 4 t-shirts. I fell in love with the idea. A few days later, I happened upon a t-shirt sale at Walgreens ~ 4 for $10. I only found 3 colours I liked, so I got them for $3 apiece, which wasn’t quite as good a deal, I thought, as I could have gotten. Then, I remembered that I had recently picked up a t-shirt at the 99-cents store. So, in the end, I got my 4 t-shirts for $10, anyway.

I thought about using the tutorial, but, you know, I am kind of lazy, and that would have involved actually reading and paying attention to directions. So, instead I just lay out the shirts on my bed, like this:

photo 1

Then, to be sure it would fit me, I threw a dress of which I like the general shape on top, and sort of cut around it, using the line of the dress’ skirt as a guideline, and gradually tapering it to roughly meet the sides of the top t-shirt (the one that would form the bodice of the dress.

I sewed the three panels of the skirt front together, with right sides together. Then, I did the same with the skirt back. Next, I pinned the skirt back to the skirt front, right sides together, and stitched up the sides.

I cut the top t-shirt at about my natural waist. Then, right sides together, I stitched the top of the skirt to the bottom of the bodice.

That’s it.


photo 2

I love it!


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