New (ish) Dresser – by Sam

Shane and I are proud owners of a new (to us) dresser that (miraculously) matches our nightstands.  We had purchased nightstands from IKEA’s Hemnes line shortly after moving to the new house in December of 2012, after admiring the line for many years.  The dresser I have been using is a nice old one I found on craigslist some years ago for $100; and, while it is a nice piece of solid wood furniture, the drawers are just too small.  We had been saving up to replace it with the dresser to match our nightstands, which is $229 at IKEA, and we were just about ready to do it.  In fact, Shane told me a couple of weeks ago to do it, but I was busy getting one kid home from a week of theatre camp, and sending another off to a 4-week Summer music program, and trying to learn to play the banjo, and cleaning up after a cat who suddenly decided to freak out and pee all over the house, so…Well, I never went I bought it.

A few days ago, after things settled down a bit (I jest.  Things NEVER settle down.  In truth, I probably had insomnia, and thought it was too late to break out the banjo and frighten the children awake), I decided to check craigslist, just in case someone was trying to unload one.  Someone was!  Nearby, in the finish we needed to match the nightstands, for $150.  It was just about a year old, and (BONUS!) it was assembled!  If you have ever shopped at IKEA, you know that everything you buy comes flat-packed, and you have to put it together yourself.  I went to look at it this afternoon, and, after talking the guy down to $140, due to a few minor scratches, drove away with a new (to us) dresser.

Now, we just have to score the matching tall chest of drawers to replace Shane’s, and we will have a fully matched bedroom suite for the first time in…well…I think…FOREVER.  So…that’s a milestone, right?

That was the most exciting part of my morning.  I would take a picture of the new dresser, but it is still in my car.  The guy who was selling it helped me load it in to the car, but I can’t get it out by myself, so it will just stay there until Shane gets home.  Kids are all off doing their things (Justice is at the California State Summer School for the Arts for four weeks, as previously mentioned, Kaia is at Twilight Camp with some Girl Scout friends, and Hallie is a Program Aide there with some of her Girl Scout friends); so I am cleaning, doing laundry and cranking up Green Day and Frank Sinatra as loud as I like.  Just made a batch of laundry detergent that will get us through the Summer and beyond.  Scented this batch with grapefruit, rose and jasmine essential oils, and, I have to say, doing the laundry has never been more pleasant.



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