If it IS broke… ~ by Sam

Chances are, at some point in your life, you have heard someone say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  That makes perfect sense, right?  Well, if that makes sense, then it naturally follows that, if it is broke, you probably should fix it.  

Shane and I are staunch proponents of this plan.  We don’t tend to believe that things are disposable or need to be replaced, until we have gone to great lengths to prove that they cannot be saved.  Well…or if fixing them will cost substantially more than replacing them.  Sometimes, in that case, you just gotta do what ya gotta do.  But, hey, a lot of broken things can be repaired, and we are determined to repair them, when we can.

Like this afternoon, when I was mowing the front lawn, and I ran over a spool of garden tape that had been left in the lawn.  (Garden tape is this stuff:  http://www.planetnatural.com/product/garden-tape-150-feet/ )  It was one of those moments when you see the inevitable disaster unfolding, and all you can do is watch.  I heard the noise, I saw the spool fly through the air and watched as every last bit of tape unwound form the spool and wound itself around the blades of the lawnmower.  I mean, I turned off the damned thing as soon as I heard the noise, but it was just too late.  It happened so quickly that is was just over by the time I realized it had started.  So, I turned over the lawnmower (after unplugging it, of course ~ oh, unplugging, because we have an electric lawnmower) and assessed the situation.  Well, most of the stuff was wound around the blades, so I untangled and unwound as much as I could, but then there was still some stuck up inside the lawnmower, so I cut away all of the stuff I had managed to unwind, leaving smaller tails to work with.  No dice.  It just was not going to budge.  At this point, it looked like this:Image

Then, I got the ratchet set and got to work.

It was pretty simple, really.  I removed one nut (it was on super-tight, so thank goodness for ratchets), and then I carefully removed parts, being sure to take pictures as I went, and to lay them in order on the ground, so I would know how to put them back on.  


It’s hard to see here, but the tape had gotten pulled and wrapped very tightly in one area.  I tried to get a closer pic, but I am not sure you can tell in this one, either:


You can kind of see it, if you look closely.  It’s the part that looks a little skinnier and lighter green.

Anyway, I very carefully unwound the tape, then I carefully reassembled the lawnmower.  In this next pic, you can see all the tape that was still stuck in the lawnmower when I took it apart.  I had already unwound about 10 times this much fro the blades.  


Ugh.  What a waste!  But, at least I got it fixed, and was able to finish mowing the lawn.  

So, I mowed the front lawn and cleared some huge weeds from the side of the house.  Then, I set the jasmine I had bought to go under Hallie and Kaia’s windows on that side of the house, unwound the soaker hose that I thought would be a good watering solution, since that side of the house has no irrigation, hooked up the new garden hose I picked up for the front yard, watered the plants that needed watering, did  some weeding, and, eventually, mowed about half of the backyard, too.

Shane came out and planted the jasmine for me and set of one piece of lattice (we will need more ~ I should check freecycle), and buried the soaker hose in that area.  In the rose bed, I just kind of wound the soaker hose around the base of each plant. Shane said he may bury it, but, according to the package, it can be used above ground or buried.  

A soaker hose, in case you don’t know, is a hose that is porous all over (kind of like a sponge), so the water sort of sweats out all along the hose, instead of just coming out the end.  This is super convenient in flower beds.  You can install a soaker hose, and then, when it is time to water, instead of having to stand there and move from plant to plant, you just let the water seep in to the ground for a while, then come back later and turn it off.  Here’s what it looks like in action: 


And, last but not least, here’s a pic of our tiny little jasmine.  


These ones are Star Jasmine, rather than the Pink Jasmine we have on the other side of the house.  I decided it would be nice to have two different varieties.



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  1. Daddy’s girl! ❤

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