It’s curtains for you, Cat! ~ by Sam

We have cats.  Three cats, to be precise.  We didn’t mean to have three cats, but they found us, , and now we are their pet people.  If you don’t have cats, this probably sounds insane to you, but, trust me, we are their pets, and not the other way around.

With cats, come litterboxes.  Ours have always shared one, and, in that regard, we are lucky.  If they each insisted on having a private litterbox, there would be litterboxes all over the house.  Luckily, we are able to confine it to a single, small space.  Now, the problem is no one really wants to hang out around a litterbox, so it’s nice to be able to hide it away somewhere.  A littlerbox being what it is, the bathroom seems like a logical place for it, but we have always had small bathrooms, so we have had to be creative.  There’s not a lot of free floor space in our bathroom, so we got creative and sacrificed the cabinet under the sink.  At first, we just removed the doors, and tried to hang a curtain there, but that wasn’t working so well.  There was litter all over the floor in front of the sink all the time, even though we swept it up all the time.  So, we decided to put the doors on again, and Shane cut a hole out on the side of the cabinet.  He even went to the trouble to echo the shape of the detail on the cabinet doors.  It gave the cats easy access and confined litter spillover to a smaller area off to the side.  That was…okay.  I mean, it was a great improvement over having the litterbox just sitting out in the middle of the room.  However, with litterboxes come…well…odors.  We all try to be pretty good about keeping it scooped and changing the litter regularly, but, you know, it’s a litterbox.  Having it tucked away helps minimize the odor, but I had really aways planned to hang a curtain over the opening, not only to contain the inevitable stench, but to hide it away from view and to give them a little more privacy, too.  (Cats actually do like their privacy.)  In fact, we already had a curtain.  The last house had a convenient little cubby that was perfect for the littlerbox and supplies (liners, scoop, litter, etc.), and I had made a little curtain to hang across it.  That space was one of the few perfect things about that tiny house, in fact.

Anyway, I had the curtain, made from a cute piece of cat-themed fabric I had found in a remnant bin, I had the litterbox tucked away where it belongs, all I needed was a curtain rod and a little time to install it and hem the curtain to the appropriate size.  This morning, I did it.

Here’s how it has looked since Shane cut the doorway:


(You can see that I didn’t think to take a picture until I had already started to install the curtain rod.)

Here’s how it looks now:


And here is a detail shot of the fabric:Image


Someday, I would like to add a small shelf right above the curtain rod.  I think it would help us organize and de-clutter our counter space (remember, we lost all that under sink storage when we sacrificed it in order to give the litterbox a place of its own), and I am hopeful that it might actually help contain some of that inevitable odor, as well.  For now, this will work.



One thought on “It’s curtains for you, Cat! ~ by Sam

  1. Great idea! Such a cute little doorway, and the curtains are adorable.

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