A Day in the Life ~ by Sam

And now for something completely different!

Nothing today about saving money, or keeping things low-stress….unless making mac and cheese for dinner counts as low stress.  Just a little slice of life, you might say.  Hang on tight!

What a day! Justice was up all night working on finishing a project. Kaia woke up with a splinter in her finger (we still aren’t exactly sure how that happened). Shane got lunches packed while I tried to help with the splinter. Justice got ready, and I got her out the door (eating breakfast on the way), and then we remembered that she had borrowed something from a teacher for the weekend and needed to return it, so we had to double back. Kaia was still working on that splinter. Got Jus to school. Shane got Hallie to school. (I don’t really know what Hallie did this morning. She had an allergy attack, took her meds, ate breakfast and got to school on time and with all of her homework, so ~ GO, HALLIE!!) Kaia and I continued to work on the splinter. It had broken off in her finger, and she thought there was still a piece in there, but we just could not get it. We poked, we soaked, we coaxed…we gave up, put neosporin and a bandaid on it and got her off to school.

Then, Justice texted. She had forgotten to print up one table. The orange one. Could I print it and drop it off at school? Sure, no problem. Race home, look at the computer….uh…orange table…orange table…a-ha! Orange table! …and another orange table…I printed them both, gathered up everything that was on the surface of the desk and stuffed it all in an envelope. Got it to school and dropped it off, then remembered that the ottoman cover had been stained pink in the wash, and I needed to pick up some of that oxygen bleach stuff that was going to be my last-ditch effort in getting it out.

Then, Justice texted. I didn’t print the right thing. What?? I printed all the orange stuff I saw! Okay. I’ll go home and find it. So…start racing home and ~ ANOTHER text: Nevermind. It’s here. Phew!

Okay. Off to the store. Um…first store doesn’t have it. Screw that. I am buying stuff to make veggie curried chicken salad, and some apples and pears…and peonies. THERE. ALL BETTER. But…I still need the bleach crap. I worked to hard on that ottoman cover to lose it!

Okay. Next store has it. AWESOME. Home. Laundry. Coffee. Pay the health insurance premium for the month. Crap. Time to pick up kids? ALREADY??? Yup.

In to the car. It needs gas. Cool. Gas station right up the road. Pump open, slide my card and…transaction canceled. Wait…what? Try again. No…I said, “Debit.” Fine. Fine. Credit will be fine. No…I don’t want a car wash! Transaction canceled. Are you freaking kidding me??? One more try ~ holy cow! It worked! It took like 10 minutes, but it worked!

On to the freeway ~ FIRETRUCK!! Firetruck? Really? Now?? Okay, okay….yes. Go help people. That’s good. Okay. Back on to the freeway. Off the freeway, and ~ would you believe tow truck? Tow truck. Right at the end of the ramp. Okay. Wait for traffic, wait for traffic, wait for traffic….can you people see my flipping blinker?? Maneuver around tow truck. Cool. On we go. Turn down Chandler Blvd., coming in to the homestretch, and…ambulance. *sigh* Yes, yes, the helping people thing. I am really, truly so grateful for ambulances and the people who operate them. Back on the road and to school without incident. Pick up Hallie and her friend Maya. Start toward our house, where I will be dropping off the girls, and, on the eastbound side of Chandler Blvd., one lane is closed. We are in the other lane (as in everyone, given the lane closure), behind a GARBAGE TRUCK. I am thankful for garbage trucks and the the people who operate them, too. Without them, there would be garbage all over the city, right? So, we drive very slowly down the block, stopping at each and every house. Hello, neighbours!

Drop the girls at home, race to Justice’s school, to find her approaching our usual pick-up spot just as I pull up. First thing that has gone right all day (besides the bleach thing, I guess). She hops in, and we zoom off to pick up Kaia, late. Find her, find her lunchbox, and run to the car. She changes in to painting clothes in her seatbelt, while I drive. She’s crafty. Drop her off at another elementary school, where her Girl Scout Troop is painting a mural. Drive home. Justice falls asleep in the car.

Unload the car (including rousing Justice and sending her inside), load up Kaia’s trumpet, pick up Maya (whose mom is the Girl Scout Troop Leader, and is at the elementary school with Kaia and the rest of the girl scouts), and head off to drop off one kid and pick up another. Bicyclist runs a stop sign in front of me. Luckily, I saw her. Holy cow. Continue down the road. Train. Luckily, a short commuter train. Things are looking up. Get to the school, drop off Maya, pick up Kaia, who is covered in paint, and race over to a trumpet lesson, planning to get a cup of coffee as soon as I drop her off. get caught up in a conversation, instead, which is actually awesome, because, on a day like today, it was really nice to talk about something other than the day I was having. So, we talk music and education, and, before I know it, the lesson is over. We’re done. We can coast through the rest of the day. Cup of coffee for me. Ice cream for the kids.

Arrive home (with ice cream) to find Justice still asleep and Hallie working on homework.

Took a few moments to write this, and now I am off to make some macaroni and cheese for the kids for dinner. Assuming I can convince myself to get off the sofa. Kaia was lobbying for ice cream for dinner. I gotta tell you, that idea is sounding better by the minute…No, no…I’ll make macaroni and cheese.  Did you know it’s almost as easy to make it homemade as it is to cook the boxed kind.  Just boil and drain macaroni, add cheese, milk, butter, a little salt…stir to melt (heat a little if you have to).  There ya go.  Mac and cheese!  Okay.  Enough lollygagging! Time to get busy.



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