Be Excellent to Each Other ~ and Party On, Dudes! ~ by Sam

Shane and I have been hard at work this week making the party room (and thus, the house) more and more fabulous.  Slowly, but surely, we are getting there.  I’ll let Shane update about the recent late-night paint job (*hint, hint* Shane ~ update about the recent late night paint job), but I wanted to show off a bit of my handy work.

Since we first had a bar (that is, since we used the back side of our china cabinet as a sort of makeshift bar), we wanted to face it with sheet metal.  I came up with the idea ~ I like sort of industrial looking stuff, I guess you would say…metal, gears, hubcaps, graffiti, hardware ~ and, luckily, Shane liked it.  We settled on the idea, but we didn’t really have the resources to make it happen.  Then, we saw this kind of plastic sheets that look like embossed metal, and they were pretty cool, with a lot of patterns from which to choose…but, they still cost money, and you know how we feel about that.  I mean, I knew we would have to spend some money to get this done, but I wasn’t feeling ready to break the bank over it.

Then, recently, while I was at the hardware to pick up some paint, I stumbled upon this product:

The idea is that you paint this stuff on any surface, and it makes it look like hammered metal.  Hope Depot was selling it for eleven bucks and change, so, given the cost of our other options, I thought it seemed worth a shot.  Worst case scenario, we repaint, or actually cover the damned thing with sheet metal.  If it’s good enough to live with, I figured, we could at least leave it until we can afford to do it for real.  Best case scenario, it’s fabulous, and we’re done ~ for about 11 bucks.

So, I brought it home and got to work.  Whoo-boy!  Work in a WELL-VENTILATED area!  Knowing that we were hosting a party for Kaia’s Girl Scout troop two days later, I was a little worried about the lingering fumes.  Worried enough, in fact, that I ended up leaving all of the windows and doors open for most of the next two days, even though it was hotter than Hades here in the Valley, and I had to crank the air conditioner, too.  It felt a little stickyish while I was working, but went on pretty much like paint, and dried to the touch quickly, so I could apply the second coat.  Fumes notwithstanding, I consider this a great product, and I am pleased to have some left over, for future projects.  I really didn’t try to make it turn out any particular way, and I kind of had no idea what I was doing, but it dried super shiny and cool-looking.  I am very pleased with the result, and, at this time, I see no reason to spend another cent.  Take a gander, and see what you think:

First, a couple of closeups, so you can see the finish:



And, finally, a picture of the bar, so you can see how it looks all together.



We are almost done with this area.  Just need a shelf to display our shot glass collection, maybe some artwork and/or a few tavern games, and it will be perfect.  I am loving it.


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