Thrifty! (and some other stuff, too) ~ by Sam




Interesting.  Well, see, I wrote this whole post about everything we have been doing lately, and it all disappeared, except for the pictures, which I couldn’t see while I was writing, so the whole situation is terribly confusing for me.  I will give a brief synopsis:

Damn, are we ever busy!

I went to the thrift store and bought this top:



and this top (which has a “free people” label, so ~ score!)


and this dish, which looks like carnival glass, but is probably not the real deal, but is something I have needed and on which I did not intend to spend much money, and is pretty:

photo 2

The shirts were marked $4.99/each, and the dish was marked $3.99, but my tab came to about $11, so something was on sale.

Hallie got in to her #1 choice for high school, Justice was accepted to the California State Summer School for the Arts, and Kaia won a scholarship from the Los Angeles City Elementary Schools Music Association for private trumpet lessons.  She received her award at a ceremony on the 9th of April, her dad’s birthday.  He was working in Vegas at N.A.B. at the time, so she sent him this picture, with a caption telling him that, for his birthday, she saved him a bunch of money on trumpet lessons:



So, yeah…busy, busy, busy!!

Recently returned from a Spring Break Trip to Maryland/DC.  First time we have been back to visit my hometown and my family in about 3 years.  3 years, for the record, is way too long!  We saw lots of people we love, spent a day sightseeing downtown, and even did some sewing (just what every vacation needs to make it absolutely perfect).  I will post more pics soon.  I think.  We’ll see.  It’s crazy around here, as always.

Here are some cherry blossoms:


Here is Hallie, taking a picture of some cherry blossoms:


And this is me, this morning, in my new blouse:

Photo on 5-2-14 at 8.35 AM #2

This afternoon, Justice has a music festival, Hallie leaves for a weekend of dance/acro-sports in Palm Springs, and Kaia is having a school chum over, so I have to hit the road, now.  So much to do!  Enjoy your day!!


One thought on “Thrifty! (and some other stuff, too) ~ by Sam

  1. Hey! So, I looked online, and it appears that $3.99 was a great deal on that egg platter. I have found what looks like exactly the same dish for sale online for as much as $240! There are many lower estimates, as low as $10, but even they are more than what I paid. Not a bad bit of shopping! Here’s a link you can follow. Scroll down, and you’ll see my dish. The pic above does not do it justice. It really is lovely, with that gorgeous irridescent quality.

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