Yard Sale Find! ~ by Sam

I keep forgetting to post this one!

A couple of weeks ago ~ when we were right in the thick of painting the Party Room ~ I drove by a yard sale and saw this gorgeous cabinet.  


The seller wanted $100 for it, but I managed to talk him down to $75.  Then, I realized I only had $72 in my wallet.  Luckily, he was willing to take that.  Now, $72 might have been more than I had to pay.  He agreed VERY easily, so I am thinking I could probably have talked him down even more.  Nevertheless, I think it is a nice piece of furniture, and I am very happy to have it.  When I picked up the girls from their religious education classes, Kaia saw the cabinet in the car and asked, “What happened?”  The answer?  I drove by a yard sale ~ THAT’S what happened!  Luckily, it is a piece we will use.  We ALWAYS need more storage, and I think it suits our “eclectic” decorating style. 


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