When I worked nights, that meant that my TV watching happened during the day…in the afternoons. And because we didn’t have cable, that meant that I was subjected to local LA commercials.  One of those was for a company called CLOSET WORLD.  It had a horrible, but catchy theme. Lucky for you all, I can’t find it on the web, otherwise I’d subject you to it.  Why am I talking about it? Well…because we remodeled our closets WITHOUT their help. We didn’t do anything fancy, we just have a standard sliding door closet. But the remodel that we did do is a VAST improvement. And it only cost us $100.

First…here was the state of our closet.  One shelf and one bar…and a LOT of empty space above:

IMG_1082 IMG_1081

I had already begun cleaning out the closet before I took these pics. So my clothes were removed, and the mass pile of stuff on the shelf is out too. It was a jumbled mess…believe me.  This was coming out. Although I kept the top board intact, so that it could be the top shelf. The kit we bought at Home Depot didn’t come with one.

We bought the ClosetMaid Selectives 16in. White organizer.  It has three bars for hanging clothes, which was perfect as Sam already had a rack doubler…a rack that hangs from the main one.

So I took out the old shelf and rod…keeping the braces and the shelf.  Then I set about assembling the unit.  Just like Ikea shelves, I needed to build this from scratch…they include all the wood and parts, and it is up to the buyer to put it all together.  Here’s the main shelf:


I had to build two of these, and then stack them.  As you can see it’s made of the inexpensive particle board. Yes, we could have built all of this ourselves, with real wood. But we aren’t that skilled, and lack the tools needed to do that. Someday, but now, we need to use kits. It’s a nice looking one anyway…albeit heavy.So I assembled everything, stacked the shelves, added the side braces for the shelf, then the posts…and I tried to add the top shelf but it wasn’t going in.  Apparently the wall was a bit uneven and narrower at the top slightly. So I had to go and sand the board down a few times to get it to finally slide into place.

Now, I had to show these little braces for the clothes posts. They look VERY happy.


When everything was assembled, we threw everything back into the closet at…ahh…much better:

IMG_1086 IMG_1089IMG_1088


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