A smidge of an update ~ by Sam

Just a quick check-in.  It’s been a bit crazy around here, but, hey, what’s new?  

We plugged away on the closets during the month of February, while I continued to try to keep the paper mess around the house in check.  Its…well…it’s going okay, I guess.  One kid’s room still needs MAJOR organizing help, and another kid’s closet is still very disorganized, but we got most of what we had hoped to accomplish done this month.  Shane will have to come back and post pics of our closet makeover ~ so much better!  I am working on the last couple of closets this week (we seem to be running consistently about a week behind schedule), so I decided to look back at my “Master Plan” to see what’s in store for us next.  



I am so not looking forward to organizing bathrooms.  I am looking forward to them being organized; and I am looking forward to decorating them, but actually taking the time to organize?  Did I say, “Ugh” yet?  Yeah, well… UGH!!!

At least, thanks to sales at our local Fresh & Easy, I was able to score about $69 worth of wine for $27.50 last night.  So, tonight, I can have a nice glass of wine with dinner to celebrate my accomplishments.  Because I WILL accomplish things today.  

Now, back to work on those closets, a quick evaluation of the bathrooms and what we need to get them in shape, and then to tackle more of the paper mess.  It just keeps growing!


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