This spring we planted a garden. Just dug up a corner of our yard, laid in some really nice topsoil, and planted some vegetables.  Now, this garden flourished…things grew like mad…including the grass and weeds that soon took it over. The grass was the biggest culprit.  It’s St. Augustine, a grass that grows like a vine. It gets longer, and then sprouts roots on the stalk as it gets bigger, and soon covers a wide area. We like this grass as it’s easy to maintain, but man, did it take over the garden.


As you can see…it dominated the garden by the end of the summer.  So, we (my lovely wife and I) decided that a raised garden would be the best choice.  We did a quick google search to find ideas, found one we liked, and went with it. It was a 4×8 framed garden.

So we needed materials. Specifically, 2×12 pieces of wood to be the sides…two that were 8′ and two that were 4′.  We went to home depot and found that they sold them in 16′ lengths…perfect, we needed to get two, and would have a couple of pieces left over! The wood was $25.15 each…so two was $50.30

And was was really nice about Home Depot is that they cut the wood there for us…to the specifications we provide. Since I lack a table saw, or circular saw, and cutting this with my hand saw would take serious muscles and time…this was a handy service we took advantage of. That and getting 12′ 2x12s home in a car could prove tricky.  This wasn’t all we needed, we also needed a few short 2×4’s to be the corder pieces, and one as a cross beam.  We got one 10 foot 2×4 for $8.  Home depot was nice enough to cut all the wood for us.  I also needed a box of wood screws ($6.30), to put everything together.

We also bought 4 bags of soil to mix in with our soil…they came out to $29.88

The total bill came out to be $94.48.

When I got home, I started assembling things. I put the 2×4 corner pieces on the long ends of the side boards…going in 2″ from the end to enable room for the shorter side pieces.


I drilled lead holes into the wood to make putting in the screws easier, and to lessen the chance of splitting the wood.


Then I screwed the corner pieces to the sides:

It started coming together…just one last side to install:


I put my cap on, to keep the sun from my eyes.


There…finally assembled and put where it is going to go. During this process I also moved the cobble stones from along side the garage to this new location, against the wall.


But then I had to move it so that I could dig up the soil to mix with our top soil, and to bury the box a bit.  No pictures of this exist, sadly. But you didn’t need to see me digging anyway.

I put the box back, sank it about 2 inches, put in the soil, and mixed in the potting soil.  And then my lovely wife planted a few things. We use plants that were already started in a few spots, and then a few seeds for other spots:


There you go. A raised garden for under $100.  A little more for the plants.


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