Mail Station

Mail Station

This is a little mail sorter we found at some place like Ross or Tuesday Morning years ago. It cost under $5. At some point, we added the kitty key hooks. It has been hanging by the door, but totally disorganized, for many years, in many different homes. As part of last month’s paper organizing project, I cleaned it out and organized it in such a way as I hope will work for us.

I am keeping in it a small notebook (for writing notes to teachers and other small things like that), a pen, our address book and bills that need to be paid.

I have a new system for keeping the bills organized, and it seems to be working very well, so i thought I would share:

As soon as I pick up the mail, I immediately sort through and throw out all junk mail. I clip coupons I need and put them in an envelope in my purse, then, I take out each bill, discard the envelope it came in, and put in inside its return envelope. Using a little post-it flag, I note the due date, and stick it right on the front of the envelope, using the following system: If it is due in the beginning of the month, the flag goes on the lefthand corner; if it is due mid-month, the flag goes in the middle; if it is due toward the end of the month, the flag goes on the righthand corner. (see picture) It’s very simple, but simple works best for me, and I find this is really helping me stay organized and get all of the bills paid on time, without any stress, and without a big paper mess stacked in some corner (or several corners) of the house.


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