At Least 100 Items ~ By Kaia

In the last week or so, we’ve been going through closets, toy boxes, etc. and looking for “At Least 100 Items” to donate to charity. Right now, we’re probably around the 150 mark (including all the stuff we threw out, because it was garbage). Because I have big sisters, some of the stuff they didn’t want they passed on to me.  While going through our piles of discombobulated whatnot’ I’ve received, and I quote (you should be scared, as I got ALOOOOOOOOOOT OF STUFF):

~A fringe shirt with a heart

~a pink squishy-thingamabob

~an Easy-Bake oven (tools, mixes and all)

`~a binder (maybe 5 inches, BTW [By The Way] !)

~ and I forgot the rest. Hardy-har-har.

Maybe you can try the At Least 100 Items Challenge, too!


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