Doing It Myself ~ by Sam

Are you sick of hearing from me yet?  

What can I say?  It’s feast or famine around here. 

Today, I have two photos on which you may feast your eyes. I want to show you both, so you can see that sometimes my efforts produce exactly the result I had planned, and, sometimes, they really don’t.  For me, that’s part of the fun of trying to do it myself.  If it works out ~ wahoo!  If not…um…well, okay.  We can probably fix that.

The first photo I have for you today is evidence that pulling out a cute piece of fabric and a skirt that fits you to use as a guide can sometimes result in a cheap and perfectly adorable skirt.  This was my first attempt at just kind of winging a more tailored skirt with a zipper (as opposed to a simple gathered skirt, or my favourite, a circle skirt).  I wish I had taken photos as I was working, so I could post a proper tutorial.  Because this one turned out so well, I will be making more, so I promise to come back and post a step-by-step for this.  Basically, I used a skirt I owned as a pattern, cut two pieces (front and back) stitched all the way up one side and part way up the other, attached a waistband, installed a zipped, and hemmed the thing, finishing with a cute decorative stitch.  It really was easy.  And it turned out like this:

Not bad, eh?  

This second photo is evidence that, sometimes, when you bleach your own hair at home, you turn out looking like Ponyboy Curtis when he was hiding out at that church in Windrixville.  


Boy howdy.  

Maybe tomorrow, when I have on a lick of makeup, and it’s had time to settle down and get used to living on my head like that…or maybe I will tone it.  I used Clairol Nice n’ Easy Born Blond Maxi, because my roots were dark, so I needed a bleach that was really going to lift a lot of colour.  I followed the directions, applying it to the roots and leaving until they were almost as light as the previously bleached hair, then applying all over and letting it sit until I thought it was light enough.  I think I could have left it a tad longer, but not a second less, because I tried that, and it was super-brassy.  Not a good look.  Worst case scenario, now that it is so light, I can dye it any colour I wish.  It’s not that bad, really.  I think.  We’ll see.  Most likely, I will just throw on a little lipgloss and “stay gold.”  For now, anyway.  


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