American Girl Pajamas ~ by Kaia



So I was staying home sick, watching old cartoons, and I thought, “Well I’m all snug and cozy, so why cant my doll be cozy,too?” And thus, we started to make polar fleece pajamas for my doll, Melissa. It cost ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOTHING. No kidding. We just used scrap fabric, thread (well obviously), and a ribbon for the drawstring.  I could have gone to the store to buy her pajamas, but the pajamas they sell are what, ten trillion dollars?!? So why not save the ten trillion or so dollars and just settle for the cheaper, and in my opinion, CUTER PJ’s?

(p.s. ~ we’ll do a step-by-step with pictures next time, I promise!)


One thought on “American Girl Pajamas ~ by Kaia

  1. We used a pair of pants and a shirt that fit the Kaia’s doll as a pattern for these pajamas. We cut the pieces a little larger than the existing pants and top, to allow for seams, then stitched it up on the machine. The back of the shirt is open, and ties shut with two sets of ribbons. ~ Sam.

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