American Girl Pajamas ~ by Kaia



So I was staying home sick, watching old cartoons, and I thought, “Well I’m all snug and cozy, so why cant my doll be cozy,too?” And thus, we started to make polar fleece pajamas for my doll, Melissa. It cost ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOTHING. No kidding. We just used scrap fabric, thread (well obviously), and a ribbon for the drawstring.  I could have gone to the store to buy her pajamas, but the pajamas they sell are what, ten trillion dollars?!? So why not save the ten trillion or so dollars and just settle for the cheaper, and in my opinion, CUTER PJ’s?

(p.s. ~ we’ll do a step-by-step with pictures next time, I promise!)

Frugally Fit ~ by Sam

Years ago, I had a gym membership.  In fact, Shane and I both had gym memberships.  I can’t remember how much this cost us, but I am fairly certain it was one of those “just $29/month for the first 3 months…” deals, meaning that, after those three months, it went up in price.  I also remember that we had to first pay a “one-time fee” of a couple hundred dollars.  Then, there was the fact that I had small children at home, so, I either had to go to the gym late in the evening, after Shane was home from work, or check my kids in to the playroom at the gym, which they really didn’t mind.  The hardest thing about the gym membership seemed to be remembering to get in the car, drive to the gym, and use it.  I think , if I could have gotten past that, it would have been a much better deal for me.  Honestly, I did use it, but, ultimately, I decided it was costing me more than it was worth, and more than we could really afford at the time.  

Fast forward a few years.  The kids are older, and are interested in trying EVERYTHING.  I want a gym membership, but it doesn’t necessarily fit in to our budget.  YMCA to the rescue!  For a few years, a YMCA membership was an excellent choice for us.  The kids took classes there (art, dance, drumming, gymnastics, creative writing…) while I worked out.  They got to try a lot of different things, and we all got our exercise.  Shane seemed to have trouble finding time to get there, but, for the girls and me, it worked well.  With a family membership, all of the children’s classes were included, so it was easy to say “yes” to everything they wanted to try.  Eventually, the girls sort of outgrew the classes there.  It was a good place to try new things, but we found ourselves seeking out other opportunities for them as time wore on.  Nevertheless,  if you have kids, I highly recommend a YMCA membership as an inexpensive fun and fitness choice for the whole family. While we used it, it was invaluable.  

So, I dropped my membership down to the “individual” level, because I was the only one using it.  At that time, I had started running again, and having access to the pool, elliptical and weight training equipment was key to my training plan.  everything was going well, until I tore my meniscus.  This led to the discovery of an old ACL injury that had not healed well, months of physical therapy (during which we batted around the idea of surgery), and, ultimately, the decision that I really should not run anymore.  It was tough.  I love running.  But, considering that I could not walk without a huge metal brace and a cane, I am satisfied with just being able to walk unassisted, and I would like to keep it that way, so I will follow doctor’s orders.  For a while, I maintained my membership, using the swimming pool several times a week as part of my therapy.  I put it on hold in anticipation of surgery (which we ultimately decided against), and then, when it was time for it to kick in again, I decided to just cancel and save the money.  Honestly, I was not in a “work out” kind of place.  

Now, having settled in to the new house, settled in to the new routine of not working, recovered from a broken wrist, and having had a little time to get over the whole “no more running” thing, I am there.  I know that, in order to stay healthy (and in order to be able to keep all my my muscles and joints moving the way I should), I have to exercise regularly.  Because I have fibromyalgia, this is key to my continued good health.  It’s hard.  I don’t always feel like exercising.  In fact, I hardly ever feel like exercising.  But, when I don’t, everything stiffens up on me, my muscles and joints ache, and it is like I am starting from square one again when I do decide to get up and move.  So, I try to get a little exercise every day, no mater how I feel.  Some days, all I can manage is a walk to and from the mailbox and a few stretches.  Other days, I feel like I can conquer the world (which, for me, means ride my bike, or walk at the mall…oooh…ahhhh!).  Having had an exceptionally good workout week last week, I got to thinking about all of the things I am doing to stay fit for free, and I decided to share some simple ideas with our readers.  So, here they are:

1. WALK.  It’s excellent exercise, you can go at your own pace, vary your route to keep it interesting, or just walk in your neighbourhood, to keep it super frugal.  I find that the best times for me to walk are a) in the morning, right after I drop off kids at school, b) while Kaia is at ballet or trumpet lessons, c) right before I pick them up for school (arrive early, get a good parking spot, then walk around the block a few times).  

Because I have Raynaud’s disease, early mornings can be too chilly for me to walk outdoors, so I often walk at the mall near their schools.  This would work well for anyone who has seasonal allergies or lives in an area that gets very cold, too.  Many malls open their doors early for walkers.  If walking at the mall sounds boring, bring a friend or two, if you have a portable music player, bring it along and listen to some tunes (or an audiobook).  If your mall has escalators, score!  Free stair climber!  Here’s what my mall routine looks like on a good day:

1 easy lap around the mall, to warm up.  1 trip (walking) up and down the stopped escalator.  Pick up the pace for laps 2, 3 and 4, adding 3 trips (walking) up and down the stopped escalator (if your escalator is running, walking up and down it still helps) at the end of each lap.  Then, depending on the day, I might add 1-2 faster laps around the mall, without escalator walks, or I might go right to the cool down.  1 easy lap around the mall to cool down.  Done.  

When I can walk outside, I like to take walks in beautiful places, like around Franklin Canyon or Lake Balboa, or on the beach; but most of my walks are in my neighbourhood.  I save gas by not driving somewhere just to walk, and I can vary my route, check out the neighbours’ beautiful gardens, and, for a change, sometimes, cut through the local nursery to see the plants there.  It’s also a nice way to get to know the neighbours.  

2. If you can afford to, invest in a good yoga, pilates, or other work-out DVD you like.  Doing these things at home, instead of paying for classes, can save you a lot of money in the longrun.  If you cannot afford that investment, consider borrowing from your local library, or check out a book and photocopy your favourite exercises and collect them in a binder for future reference.

3. Beginning weight-training?  Use cans of soup or beans as light weights.  They may not be the ticket to the next body-building competition, but they can certainly be a good place to start.  Have you outgrown your soup-can weights and need something heavier?  How about a bag of flour gripped in both hands, a jug of milk, or a bag of potatoes.  I’m telling you, the weight-lifting possibilities in your own kitchen are endless.  

4. Got kids?  Play with them.  Chase them around the yard, walk to the park (and play there ~ swing, climb, use the monkey bars), kick around a ball, take you baby for a walk in the stroller.  Look up stroller workouts on the internet.  You might even be able to find ~ or start ~ a stroller workout group in your area.  As the kids get older, ride bikes with them (or attach a baby seat to your bike and ride with them when they are still babies), rollerskate, play tag, go for nature walks, hike…Instead of just watching your kids play, get in there and play with them.  Check thrift stores, yard sales, craigslist and freecycle for used bikes, skates, and other equipment.  

When our kids were little, Shane and I did all kinds of “baby workouts” with them.  You can curl a baby, press a baby, sit a baby on your feet, hold tight to his/her upper body (or hands, if they’re older ~ we did this well in to the preschool/kindergarten years) and do leg lifts (hmm…that’s probably not the right name.  Basically, sit on a chair with your feet on the floor, have the child sit on your feet.  Straighten you legs out in front of you, then lower to the floor.  For the kid, this is a ride like a see-saw or “horsey,” but it’s a great workout for your legs).

5. Turn on some music and dance.  By yourself, with a partner, with the kids, with a big group of friends at a party…it doesn’t matter.  Dancing is a great workout, and it makes you feel happy.  

6. There are lots of little things you can do every day to live a more “fit” life.  You can be “hardcore,” like my husband, and bike to work every day, or you can be a little more low-key, like me, and just find ways to work fitness in to your lifestyle.  If the mailbox or market is close by, walk, instead of driving (you’ll save money on gas, and get a free workout).  When you drive to the store, mall, movies, etc., park a little farther away than you usually would, and walk (be safe: do not park in remote areas when your are alone and it will be dark when you walk back to your car), take the stairs, instead of the elevator.  If you sit at a desk at work, bring along a snack and walk outside during your break.  Exercise, fresh air and the sun, for Vitamin D can all help you feel healthier and happier.  Whether your sit or are on your feet all day, remember to take time to stretch your legs, back and shoulders every day.  Plant a little garden and tend it (again, you are getting fresh air and sunshine, as well as exercise).  

Over the years, we have invested in few items that make working out a home easy, productive, and, for us, a much more frugal choice than a gym membership.  The items that are key, for me, include: a yoga mat, a good pair of sneakers, some light hand weights, one of those giant exercise balls.  Years ago, we spent about $100 on a very simple, no bells-and-whistles, elliptical machine.  It does have some kind of digital timer thing that requires batteries, but we never use that.  Because it does not need to be plugged in, we keep it out on the patio, and the girls and I use it when we remember it’s there.  So, I use it once in a while, but I wouldn’t call it essential.  If you will use something like that regularly, it’s probably worth the investment, but, most of the time, I would rather hop on my bike and tool around the neighbourhood.  Whatever equipment you require, remember to check yard sales, thrift stores, craigslist, freecycle, or used sporting equipment stores (we have Play It Again Sports, but I’ll bet there are other similar stores).  

So, those are my suggestions.  These are all things that work for us, but I am sure you have some great ideas of your own.  If you do, we would love to hear them.  Please share your tips and/or let us know what works for you in the comments here.  Together, we can start a frugal fitness revolution.

Look What I Can Do! (Jalapenos ~ in a jar!)

Guess what I just did.

I just made my first-ever jar of homemade pickled jalapeno pepper rings, using peppers from our garden!  How cool is that?  
Well, let me tell you, it is SUPER AWESOME, because i had no idea what I was going to do with all those jalapenos.  This was super easy, and took just a few minutes.  Now, apparently, my peppers are not very large, because I only got about 1/2 pint out of 15 peppers, but it doesn’t matter.  They are spicy and delicious, and I cannot wait to eat them.  All of them.  I want to eat them all.  


I’ll share.  

I guess.

Oh!  Found the recipe here:

(I will come back and post a picture, as soon as I find my camera.  I suspect Hallie Kay will be able to solve that mystery when she gets home.)