Brief Update ~ by Sam

Hello, my fellow lowlifes.  Hmmm….maybe not the nicest way to greet people.  Let’s try again.


Hello, lovely readers!  We are so happy to have you.  We hope you are all enjoying our blog, and we want you to know that we welcome your comments.

That said, I will give a very brief update (hee-hee…or so she says), as the title implies.

It has been a helluva week.  At the end of last week, we got the  very sad news that our oldest cat, Muggles, has cancer of the lungs.  The vet says there is not a lot we can do at this point, other than help him enjoy his life as long as he can.  He still likes to play with his jingly ball, snuggling up on the kids’ beds, and kitty treats, so we are making sure he gets lots and lots of all that.

A few days later, we had a plumber in to unstop a toilet, and learned that we have a broken sewage line under our house.  Not really any cheap (or stress-free) way to deal with that, so, instead, we are just dealing with it.  One kid is bunking with her sister, and we cannot use the powder room or the laundry room until it is fixed.  Gotta do what you gotta do.  Yes, yes, welcome us to home-ownership!  We totally knew this stuff was coming.

Today, we awoke to find that one of our fish seems to be not long for this world.  At this time, he is still hanging on, but we really think it is just a matter of time.  Kaia is having a very hard time with this, as well as the news about Mugsy.  Too much sadness all at once for a tender-hearted little girl.

Somehow, we are managing to keep the stress at a manageable level.  Kaia was able to spend Friday and Saturday with friends (Girl Scout meeting, sleepover with very best friend, and then a park clean-up with the GS troop on Saturday morning), which kept her mind occupied.  Hallie made a short film with friends on Saturday morning, while Justice and I visited an import market that is only open to the public 6 times/year, so she could practice her French (more about that later ~ remember, this is the brief update), and we could buy lots of delicious treats.  Saturday afternoon, we all went to the laundromat and did every last bit of our laundry, in about 2 hours.  That might sound stressful, but, actually, it was pretty awesome.  We walked across the street and bought Slurpees, then played old arcade games while we waited for our laundry to be done.  Everyone pitched in to fold and put things back in to baskets, and we headed home with every stitch of clothing (and the towels) clean.  Tonight’s dinner was vegetarian sliders (I made a huge batch a few weeks ago and froze a bunch for future use), and we will have enough left over to send in kids’ lunchboxes tomorrow.

So that’s it, really.  Sorry, not much info. about how we spent our money in this post.  I will say we got a good deal on the the sewage line replacement, I think, and we have been sticking close to home, which always saves us money.  Oh, and we have been working out carpooling arrangements for various activities ~ saves time, money and stress, is good for the environment, and lightens up traffic on the freeways…you know, all good stuff, and not just good for us.

The weather is mild and lovely, and the finches love to hang out in our herb garden, so it is quite nice here, lately.  Hope you are enjoying these first days of Fall with the people you love best of all.



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