NEW SOFA – by Shane

A few years ago we bought this sofa from Ikea…well, it is more of a chaise/loveseat combo. TYLOSAND is the name of model, and it was eggplant purple. 


It was a fine sofa, for three weeks, until the first spring underneath it popped loose.  You see, the designers at Ikea had the bright idea of using plastic clips to hold them in place.  Not the best choice…as springs kept popping loose every month or so.  Sometimes when I was sitting on the sofa, sometimes when my littlest child was sitting on the sofa.  Sometimes when no one was sitting on the sofa. 



All in all I fixed this problem 25 times.




Meanwhile, while I was drilling lead holes and screwing in eyelets and straining to put the springs in those lead holes, and fixing the other side that would pop loose while I was straining to fix it…my family was off in Costco-land, discovering a new and wonderful sofa, that they all decided they wanted to live on.


My lovely wife, Sam, texted me that photo one day at work, saying that not only did the kids want to live on that sofa, but it was ON SALE!  Normally this sofa runs $1299…far of our reach. But here it was on sale for $750!….because it was the demo model.  Now, that was still a bit high, so I said let’s sleep on it for a day.

So we slept on the idea, and another spring popped off of the Tylosand, and we decided to go for it.

BUT…it was gone. Things on sale don’t last for long at Cosco. So we left, bummed.  Then my wife, who also was in love with the sofa and wanted to live on it, did a little searching on the internet, seeing if she could find it on sale somewhere else. It is  a Canby 7 piece sectional, by the Emerald company. Each one of those pieces is separate, and can be arranged any way you want. Or, you can connect them via connections on the bottom. This is the perfect sofa for my wife, as she loves to re-arrange the house on a regular basis. 

This was her dream sofa…she wasn’t going to settle for anything else.

Then, she found it on Craigslist, searching for “Emerald Canby 7-piece sectional.” There was a listing for it at a discount warehouse, and one not too far from us…one mile away. We hopped into the car and raced over there as fast as we could.

Aaaaaand, it was gone. RATS and DOUBLE RATS!  Quite a let down, for sure.  So Sam asked about the Canby sofa that they had advertised, if it had sold or what? They said unfortunately it had sold, but they could check their other stores, and their warehouse for us.

So while we waited on that, we wandered about aimlessly and discovered that this discount warehouse was stock full of really cool things. Open box things, like sidewalk lights and sink fixtures and water purifiers and furniture and appliances and clothing. Funny, most of the items there were the Kirkland brand…Costco’s brand. We asked the employees about this and they said that they buy up all the demo units and overstock merchandise and things with damaged packaging from the local Costco stores, and sell it at a discounted price.  Not the food, but everything else.

It was glorious!

OK, back to the sofa. The employee took our phone number and said that they would call us if another one came in.  Later that day they called saying that they had located another Canby sectional at their other store, and that they would bring it to this location if we wanted it.  WE WANTED IT! So they said they’d call when it arrived. They really went above and beyond.

Next weekend they called…it was in!  We raced down there…bought it, and took it home in a few trips.  Good thing it was a sectional, otherwise we’d have to rent a truck. But, all we had to do was throw a couple pieces in the car at a time and take the quick jaunt home.

We now have our dream sofa.


Now we have room for all of us to sit on the sofa at the same time…including the cats.

Where did we get this great deal? Where is this wonderful place with all the Costco overstock merchandise?  It’s called SoCal Outlets, and it’s at 13245 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA.  If you are in LA…you should check it out.image




One thought on “NEW SOFA – by Shane

  1. I want you all to understand the magnitude of this decision. We don’t spend money well. I will walk through a store like Target, filling my cart with things I think I want to buy, only to empty it again by the time I get to the checkstand, and purchase only the milk and band-aids I came for in the first place. So, it took a long time ~ and a lot of broken springs ~ for us to decide to buy a new sofa. We got there a couple of years ago, BUT a) it had to be perfect (no settling for “good enough”), and b) it had to be on sale. It just had to. That’s how I operate. We were all geared up to do it, when we accidentally bought a house. So, we put our sofa plans on hold. That is, until SoCal Outlets won us over with their excellent customer service and incredible discount pricing. How could we say “no” to such a deal? ~ Sam.

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