54 Ways to Save Money

54 Ways to Save Money

Came across this while looking for some useful tips to help us maximize our savings and recover more quickly from our recent move.  Lots of good ideas here.

One thing I plan to get back to right away is spending cash, bills only, and saving all of the coins.  I used to do this religiously, and you would be surprised how quickly that money adds up.  So, starting with this Friday’s paycheck, I will get cash back for our weekly expenses, and put all of the coins I receive in change throughout the week in to a jar.  I challenge you to do the same.  at the end of the week, we can all let each other know how it went.  What do you say?  Can we all make it one week without using our debit and/or credit cards?  It’s one of the best changes I have ever made in my spending habits, and I think it’s time to get myself back on track.  You in?


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