Free Fun in L.A.

Free Fun in L.A.

It is hot in the Valley, and we are looking for some cheap but (literally and figuratively) cool things to do around town that will get us out of the house, so we a) aren’t bored out of our skulls, b) aren’t running the air-conditioner, t.v., computers, video games, etc. all day long and c) aren’t spending tons of money.

The other day, we used our KidsBowlFree coupons, and that was a good way to get out of the heat, but we did still spend $12 on shoe rental for the four of us.   Not bad, but not totally free, either.  Remembering my old MomsClub days, when we had searched out all of the Museum Free Days in town, I decided to do a quick internet search.

That’s right: FREE DAYS.   I don’t know about you, but we cannot afford to pay admission to all of the museums we would like to see all of the time.  I miss going to museums.  I grew up in the D.C. area, going to the museums on the Mall for free all the time.  I guess I was spoiled.  When I moved to Los Angeles, had kids of my own, and decided to take them to the museums, I was shocked at the cost.  I mean, I understand the cost, but I can’t always afford it…and I want my kids to grow up with that experience of frequenting museums.  I think it’s good for them.  Luckily for us, many, many museums have monthly “free days,” when they are, as the name implies, admission-free.  Many other museums are free year-round.  I just can’t seem to remember which ones are free on which days.

So, when I found this link, I decided to save it, and maybe even to print it up, for future reference.  I thought some of you might find it useful, too.

In fact, now that I have the list, I am planning to take the kids to the Natural History Museum on Tuesday (when it will be free).  Now, to decide what we should do today.

(Oh, and just in case you can’t tell, that red print at the top is the link.  Click on that, and you will find a list of museum “free days” in the Los Angeles Area.)


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