$37 Dollar Shopping-Spree- By Hallie


You know when you wake up and none of your clothes fit anymore because you grew about three inches over night so none of your clothes fit anymore? Oh wait, you don’t, because that doesn’t happen to normal people!! But I’m not a normal person, so it happened to me.

Well, we’re trying to save money, as you know, so my mom suggested we go to the Goodwill. Great, my friends shop at Forever 21 and I shop at Goodwill, I was thinking. Turns out you can get some really cute things there!

I got a lot of clothes I really like for only $36.88! The clothes I got are pretty cute, and hardly cost a thing.

Assuming each shirt costs $15 regularly, that’s $75 already. Plus the two pairs of jeans for about $25 each (that’d be $50), then another $50 for the pleated black Banana Republic skirt, plus about $20 for the Charlotte Russe pencil skirt. For the satin jacket, most likely $20 at least. The dress wold cost probably $20, and the dance sweater might cost $15. So, all together, that’s $250, and if I overestimated, I still would’ve paid $200. But instead, I got them for about $37!


2 thoughts on “$37 Dollar Shopping-Spree- By Hallie

  1. What a great shopping trip, Hallie! Designers for pennies!

  2. Wow, it looks like you got a lot of good stuff at Good Will! I love shopping there (also shop at a few consignment shops; they have some great ‘gently loved’ clothes, too!)

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