Target Red Card ~ DEBIT

Target Red Card ~ DEBIT

Friends, I feel I misled you.  Some time ago, I suggested getting a Target “Red Card” and making sure to pay off the balance every single time you use it, in order to get a 5% discount on all of your Target purchases.  That does work, but, there’s an easier way.  Target’s “Red Card” program offers a debit card option.  The card works exactly like your bank debit card, withdrawing money directly from your account.  There is no interest to worry about, no payment to miss… It works just like paying cash ~ and you still get your 5% off all Target purchases.  We will be closing our Target credit card account, and using the debit option.  Credit cards are just too tempting, especially with all of this new house to decorate and accessorize.

~ Sam.


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