Fancy Cheesecake on a Budget – by Sam

Last night, we hosted a slumber party for Hallie and her friend Makenzie, whose birthdays are just two days apart (way back in March, but, hey, we do what we can).  The girls decided they wanted marble cheesecake.  After checking many grocery stores and bake shops, we discovered that a) next to no one had marble cheesecake, and b) a bake shop cheesecake costs in the $35-45 range.  Yeah.  Really.

Well, that wasn’t really in our budget, so we started the look for options.  If I didn’t have a broken wrist, I probably could have figured out how to make one, and that might have been the cheapest option, but, under the circumstances, we really needed to buy a cake.  The girls agreed to a plain cheesecake, topped with chocolate ganache, whipped cream and mini chocolate chips.

The cake (a HUGE one, by the way) was $12.99 at Costco. I already had the chocolate chips, and I think the whipped cream cost about two bucks.  So I just had to throw together a quick ganache (just heat chocolate and milk in a double boiler and mix it together ~ so simple), let it cool slightly, and pour it over the cake.  At cake time, our friend Ramona made a whipped cream heart on top on the ganache, and sprinkled it with chocolate chips.  

Voila!  A cute, delicious cake for a fraction of the price.



$37 Dollar Shopping-Spree- By Hallie


You know when you wake up and none of your clothes fit anymore because you grew about three inches over night so none of your clothes fit anymore? Oh wait, you don’t, because that doesn’t happen to normal people!! But I’m not a normal person, so it happened to me.

Well, we’re trying to save money, as you know, so my mom suggested we go to the Goodwill. Great, my friends shop at Forever 21 and I shop at Goodwill, I was thinking. Turns out you can get some really cute things there!

I got a lot of clothes I really like for only $36.88! The clothes I got are pretty cute, and hardly cost a thing.

Assuming each shirt costs $15 regularly, that’s $75 already. Plus the two pairs of jeans for about $25 each (that’d be $50), then another $50 for the pleated black Banana Republic skirt, plus about $20 for the Charlotte Russe pencil skirt. For the satin jacket, most likely $20 at least. The dress wold cost probably $20, and the dance sweater might cost $15. So, all together, that’s $250, and if I overestimated, I still would’ve paid $200. But instead, I got them for about $37!

Target Red Card ~ DEBIT

Target Red Card ~ DEBIT

Friends, I feel I misled you.  Some time ago, I suggested getting a Target “Red Card” and making sure to pay off the balance every single time you use it, in order to get a 5% discount on all of your Target purchases.  That does work, but, there’s an easier way.  Target’s “Red Card” program offers a debit card option.  The card works exactly like your bank debit card, withdrawing money directly from your account.  There is no interest to worry about, no payment to miss… It works just like paying cash ~ and you still get your 5% off all Target purchases.  We will be closing our Target credit card account, and using the debit option.  Credit cards are just too tempting, especially with all of this new house to decorate and accessorize.

~ Sam.

Our New Home?

With the move to our fabulous new home (yes!  We achieved that goal!), we have decided, perhaps, a move is in order for our family blog, too.  Hence, we will be giving wordpress the ol’ college try.  It’s free, and we do like free stuff.  I will link to the original tumblr site, and we will leave that up, since there is so much fun stuff over there.  Of course, if this doesn’t work out any better, we will just leave everything over at tumblr.  We’ll see how it goes.  

Well, I would stay and chat, but I happen to have a coupon for a free coffee, and, again, you know how I feel about free stuff.  And coffee.  Free coffee is just too good to be true!

I leave you with this adorable picture of our garden, because it is adorable (and how could it not be, with flowers and a gnome)